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Lead Floral Designer & Creative Director

Affie Ghashghaee


c. 1990 near Gachsaran,  Iran


Born in Southern Iran, into a family of long-standing Turkish/Persian Pastoral Nomads, Affie has always been a lover of the great outdoors. She has fond memories of the beautiful landscapes and lush gardens of Shiraz. A flower child from the very beginning, often returning home with a handful of something foraged. With a true appreciation of Mother Nature and all of her seasonal offerings, that love is something that carries through in Affie's work today.

Affie carefully hand selects each ingredient that goes into the one of a kind works of art. Affie has a humble cutting garden that she lovingly grows beautiful blooms in, and April through October you can be sure there are a few of these blooms in each of the arrangements she creates. Each year she selects seeds, bulbs, tubers, and plants that she adds to her expanding garden, keeping in mind colour palettes and textures marrying couples would want as part of their special day.

“ My favourite thing about being a floral designer, is hands down, the reaction of my clients, when they see the final creation. Starting off as an idea, that we built on together, and then bringing it life; it's an immensely satisfying moment. I love being able to connect with people through flowers and bringing their visions to life through the language of flowers.

Affie has no formal training in flower design but sees this as an advantage.

“ I think it allows for a certain level of freedom to create without the constraints of traditional design practices.” Having taken Art classes throughout her formative years, Affie now applies the guiding principles such as colour, form and texture to her floral designs.

Her specialty is creating abundant garden arrangements with a sophisticated level of playfulness for Weddings and Events. Her designs are often described as wild and organic. She loves using unique textures and elements that are unexpected and out of the ordinary in her designs. In an effort to reduce waste, all of Nomad’s Flowers creations are made foam-free and seasonal, locally sourced flowers and foliage are used whenever possible. 



She considers herself lucky that through her travels, she landed in beautiful British Columbia where ​from her private home studio in Ladner , Affie creates her floral masterpieces.  


Affie enjoys warm sunny days, tending to her garden and eating delicious food from around the world. When she can, she likes to cozy up with a good book and a cup of coffee. She loves hiking and camping, and usually has her sidekick doggy love with her.

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